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About Us

Khamcharoen Cement Limited Partnership

Background of Khamcharoen Homemart

  • Khamcharoen Cement Limited partnership was originally named as “Phothong Construction Material Shop”
  • We has been operated since 2002 when we was just 3-block material construction shop. Later in rainy season, Phothong Construction Material Shop expanded product lines and started distributing chemical fertilizers.
  • After that in 2003, Phothong Construction Material Shop was appointed as a bagged cement dealer by Siam City Cement Public Company Limited
  • Later in the same year, we was registered as “Khamcharoen Cement Limited Partnership” since 31 January 2003 and we has operated the business till present.

Vision of Khamcharoen Homemart

  • To be a number-one retailer and wholesaler in district area a boundary of 3 provinces including Khonkaen, Mahasarakham and Kalasin Province within year 2020.

Mission of Khamcharoen Homemart

  1. Have highest cement sales in areas of Kalasin Province
  2. Have fertilizer sales of Thai Central Chemicals Co., Ltd for 15,000 tons/ years
  3. Emphasize retailing with turnover of 500,000 Baht/ day in 3 years.
  4. Enable employees to work with full potentials and love their jobs
  5. Increase agricultural product and decorative products to be more various.
  6. Do a sale promotion at least 4 times/year.
  7. Deliver products punctually to meet customers’ needs.
  8. Provide 20 cement-fertilizer vehicles in 3 years.

Task of Khamcharoen Homemart

  1. Develop product delivery to meet customers’ needs
  2. Develop accounting system to be correct and auditable.
  3. Raise conscious mind for employees to love the organization.
  4. Develop distribution channels.
  5. Develop debt collection system
  6. Develop the organization and create brands to be well known in target areas.
  7. Develop software to provide services to meet highest satisfaction of customers.
  8. Build up good relationship with customer group in every distribution channel.
  9. Develop personnel to use full potentials in working.

Organizational culture of Khamcharoen Homemart

  • Service beyond expectations

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53 Village No.9 , Khum Yai Sub-district, Huai Mek District, Kalasin, 51000