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History of Khamcharoen Logistic

 Khamcharoen Logistic, originally named "Pho Thong Crop,"
was doing a wholesale dried tapioca chip business. “Mr. Soi” was the founder and “Ms. Rerai” was the controller.
Mr. Soi was originally from Chonburi and travelled to conduct a business with friends and met Ms. Rerai,
who was the owner of logistic trucks at that time. After that, they got married and jointly invested to established Pho Thong Crop in 1997.
At the beginning, after finding that that the store had logistic problems, the store solved the problem
by purchasing additional logistic trucks. However, they were still not enough to meet the logistic demand.
Therefore, the store decided to buy trailers to grow the business.
Later, Pho Thong Crop expanded its business by trading construction materials and agricultural products and transporting cement.
The store name was changed to “Pho Thong Materials,” but it still operated the tapioca chip and dried tapioca residue business.
Shortly thereafter, it decided to establish a logistic company and, in 2003, started as an agent of Siam City Cement Public Company Limited.
The store name was changed again to “Khamcharoen Cement Limited Partnership” from then on.
Then in 2017, Ms. Rerai began planning to expand the business again by upgrading the store to be more up-to-date
and solving the logistic problems that still did not meet the needs of the company. The company developed to meet logistic standards
by legally registered the logistic trucks. Subsequently, on September 3, 2017, the company became “Khamcharoen Logistic.”

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